Rare Tumours


EURACAN, the European Reference Network on adult cancers (solid tumours) is one of the European Reference Networks established within Europe with the aim  to tackle complex or rare diseases and conditions.
It was officially launched last April in Lyon, and will work to establish and consolidate a leading, patient-centric and sustainable network of multidisciplinary research-intensive clinical centres focused on rare adult solid cancers.
ESO is proud to be involved in EURACAN as associated partner and to give its contribution in the field of the education and training.
This dedicated page has been created to easily access the Medical Education Programme on Soft Tissue Sarcoma and the recorded e-sessions on rare cancers. It will be updated with future programmes on a regular basis.

ESO is associated partner of

e-ESO offers a Medical Educational Programme in Soft Tissue Sarcoma that can be accessed from HERE.

A clinical case on advanced leiomyosarcoma can be accessed HERE

Here is the list of all the e-ESO available materials on Rare Tumours.