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ePatCare® is a unique educational software tool developed to improve the dialogue between clinicians by providing interactive training, and to ultimately advance patient care.
ePatCare® provides clinicians the opportunity to create, view, share and present their clinical patient cases within the Oncology Community. It focuses on the needs of this specific target group by offering a patient case sharing function via cloud. This interactive and intuitive platform enables users to easily create an attractive and appealing patient case that can be presented to an audience. This is what makes this tool truly valuable for HCPs.
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Cases can be also viewed online. Simply select cases of your interest below.

Tumor type Case Overview Authors Publication date
1 Breast Female, Age 69 Metaplastic, triple negative breast cancer with several local and distant relapses Olivia Pagani July 2013
2 Breast Female, Age 74 Locally advanced lobular, ER+ Olivia Pagani July 2013
3 Breast Female, Age 49 Mucinous carcinoma, ER+ Olivia Pagani July 2013
4 Breast Female, Age 67 Routine mammography reveals DCIS, HER2+ Olivia Pagani August 2013
5 Breast Female, Age 50 Lump found on self-exam, patient enrolled in clinical trial, first line TKI Olivia Pagani September 2013
6 Breast Female, Age 61 A dase based approach to cytotoxic systemic therapy Domen Ribnikar, Tanja Cufer, Berta Sousa, Fatima Cardoso October 2014
7 Breast Female, Age 45 Utility of extended adjuvant endocrine therapy in early breast cancer Domen Ribnikar, Tanja Cufer, Berta Sousa, Fatima Cardoso October 2014
8 Breast Female, Age 66 Gradually increasing left breast mass for over 6 months with skin retraction and breast tenderness for at least one month Ralph Chebib June 2015
9 Breast/Ovary Female, Age 35 Breast cancer stage IA plus 2 years afterwards diagnosed with a stage IV ovarian cancer and BRCA-1 positive Anastasios Sofiadis June 2015
10 Colon Male , Age 70 KRAS WT NRAS mutation colon cancer Annette Dieing July 2015
11 Lung Female, Age 54 Incidental finding, adenocarcinoma, TTF1 +, EGFR M+ Alessandra Curioni June 2013
12 Lung Male , Age 58 Presented with dyspnoea, adenocarcinoma, TTF1 +, EGFR WT, ALK + Alessandra Curioni June 2013
13 Lung Female, Age 62 Presented with haemoptysis, 2 tumours, adenocarcinoma, EGFR WT and M + Alessandra Curioni June 2013
14 Lung Female, Age 66 Incidental finding, adenocarcinoma Alessandra Curioni June 2013
15 Lung Female, Age 64 Incidental finding, adenocarcinoma Alessandra Curioni June 2013
16 Lung Female, Age 49 Adenocarcinoma in a non-smoker treated with Crizotinib Elie Kassouf October 2015
17 Ovary Female, Age 65 Ovarian cancer FIGO III, primary debulking surgery and treatment with chemotherapy and phase III trial before Palliative Care Rufinelli Rodríguez June 2015
18 Prostate Male , Age 69 Symptomatic presentation (urinary), CRPC, multiple treatments Dominik Berthold August 2013
19 Prostate Male , Age 85 Elevated PSA at routine screening, multiple treatments Dominik Berthold September 2013
20 Prostate Male , Age 69 Elevated PSA at routine screening, long follow-up and treatment course Dominik Berthold September 2013
21 Prostate Male , Age 75 Minor urinary symptoms, surgical treatment with follow-up Dominik Berthold September 2013
22 Prostate Male , Age 65 Metastases at presentiation, CRPC Dominik Berthold September 2013
23 Kidney Male , Age 60 Renal cell carcinoma in a solitary kidney Pedro Barata April 2015
24 Pancreas Female, Age 67 Neoadjuvant and adjuvant therapeutic considerations in borderline operable pancreatic cancer Michael Davidson April 2016
25 Lung Male , Age 44 Intratumoral heterogeneity in lung cancer Maria Saigí Morguí May 2016
26 Cervix Female, Age 28 Management of locally advanced cervix cancer in a young nulliparous patient Emma Dunne May 2016
27 Ovary Female, Age 44 Platinum sensitive recurrent ovarian cancer in a young woman with BRCA2 mutation Sara Giovannoni May 2016
28 Kidney Male , Age 48 Renal cancer: To treat or not to treat? Ricky Frazer May 2016
29 Breast Female, Age 69 Metastatic Breast Cancer: Her2 negative, Hormone receptor positive Denis Landaverde June 2016
30 Breast Female, Age 55 Heavily pretreated HER2+ metastatic breast cancer Hampig Raphael Kourie, Geraldine Gebhart June 2016
31 Gastric Male , Age 49 Locally advanced gastric cancer Fernando Valencia June 2016
32 Breast Female, Age 46 Management of triple negative breast cancer Natia Jokhadze June 2016
33 Prostate Male , Age 68 Non-metastatic (M0) castration-resistant prostate cancer Gregório Pinheiro Soares June 2016
36 Oesophagus Female, Age 60 Oesophageal adenocarcinoma Evgeniya Kharchenko July 2016
37 Kidney Male , Age 53 Single kidney - To resect or not resect: that is the question Iskandar Vakhabov July 2016
38 Rectum Male , Age 49 Rectal tumour stage IIIB Luminita Gurguta July 2016
39 Lung Female, Age 41 Lung adenocarcinoma with recurrent brain metastases Ana Sofia Patrão July 2016
40 Oesophagus Male , Age 48 Oesophageal and oral cavity cancers: one patient, two tumours - treatment consequence or risk factors? Maria Inês Sequeira July 2016
41 Colon/Breast Female, Age 47 Metastatic colon cancer in patient with a medical history of breast cancer Miljana Dzunic July 2016
42 Breast Female, Age 69 Invasive lobular carcinoma of the breast in a postmenopausal patient David Casadevall Aguilar July 2016
43 Breast Female, Age 64 Polyclonal breast cancer with rapid progression Fabiano de Almeida Costa July 2016
44 Lung Female, Age 57 Efficacy of afatinib in a patient with lung cancer (NSCLC) and brain metastases Yelena Shechtman August 2016
45 Lung Male , Age 63 Primary NSCLC in a patient previously treated with tongue carcinoma Kristi Niinepuu September 2016
46 Pediatric Male , Age 13 A case of metastatic undifferentiated sarcoma in an adolescent: there is still much to do after first line Luca Bergamaschi September 2016
47 Pediatric Female, Age 16 Refractory metastatic rhabdomyosarcoma and care of teenagers at the end of life Jessica Morgan September 2016
48 Lung Female, Age 60 Neoplastic epidural spinal cord compression in patients with NSCLC Yun-Gyoo Lee September 2016
49 Lung Male , Age 48 Symptomatic lung cancer patient treated for metastatic disease Mara Jidveian Popescu September 2016
50 Lung Female, Age 62 Treatment of advanced lung cancer: What is the mainstay treatment for brain metastases? Doroteva Ivanova October 2016
51 Breast Female, Age 23 Inflammatory breast cancer Rym Bouriga February 2017
52 Lung Male , Age 50 Multimodality treatment of lung cancer Tareq Salah February 2017
53 Gastric Female, Age 53 Multimodality approach in a patient with a gastric cancer Nežka Hribernik March 2017
54 Prostate Male , Age 75 Metastatic CRPC: post docetaxel treatment Rana Salem March 2017
55 Ovary Female, Age 54 Ovarian Cancer: Beyond the intravenous line Alberto Carretero González June 2017
56 Breast Female, Age 59 BRCA2mut TNBC: a case of locoregional relapse Dario Trapani June 2017
57 Colon Female, Age 66 Antiangiogenic therapy in KRAS mutated metastatic colorectal cancer María del Mar Galera López June 2017
58 Lung Male , Age 62 Individualized treatment in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Ana Vitor Rodrigues da Silva June 2017
59 Lung Male , Age 56 Patient with mNSCLC with neuroendocrine features Stavroula Manolakou June 2017
60 Lung Female, Age 54 TTF1 positive Adenocarcinoma Danko Kostadinov June 2017
61 Breast Female, Age 38 Complete response of a young patient with a metastatic breast cancer Houda Jamous June 2017
62 Colon Male , Age 59 Adjuvant chemotherapy in severe obese patient Philipp Niederberger June 2017
63 Breast Female, Age 41 Dual her2 blockade against a huge breast cancer Maria João Marques Ribeiro June 2017
64 Breast Female, Age 36 Complexities of Breast Cancer Management Deirdre Kelly June 2017
65 Oral Male , Age 59 Bone Marrow Failure in HPV-associated Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Karla Ann Lee July 2017
66 Lung Female, Age 53 Immunotherapy and Lung Cancer Marta Honório July 2017
67 Colorectal Female, Age 27 Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer Nada Naguib Farid July 2017
68 Breast Female, Age 28 First line treatment of pre-menopausal woman with Hormonal positive, Her-2 negative metastatic breast cancer limited to the bones. Maria Alice Franzoi July 2017
69 Endometrial Female, Age 34 A case of endometrial cancer Joseph Bernard Jr July 2017
70 Kidney Female, Age 72 Dyspnea in renal cell cancer Emilie Werbrouck July 2017
71 Colorectal Male , Age 35 Rectal Cancer in a Young Patient Hariz Iskandar Bin Hassan July 2017
72 Prostate Male , Age 66 Metastatic Prostate Cancer - Clinical case Kamil Wdowiak September 2017
73 Lung Female, Age 56 Long term survivor after relapse of initially operable early-stage NSCLC Fedja Djordjević September 2017
74 Kidney Female, Age 66 Treatment dilemmas with novel agents in mRCC Georgios Tsironis October 2017
75 Rare tumours Male , Age 64 Histotype-driven chemotherapy in a case of advanced leiomyosarcoma Salvatore Provenzano November 2017

Intuitive and easy handling

The intuitive handling of the software as well as a chronological, well-structured and comprehensible presentation of patient cases facilitates discussions with other oncologists or tutorials for students. A virtual journey guides the user through the patient's history from their presentation to investigation, diagnosis, management and outcomes, with all the patient's medical background and test results located in one convenient place.
ePatCare® provides you with clinical real-life cases that have been seen and managed by oncology specialists.

Due to cloud synchronisation, ePatCare® allows you to have all your latest patient cases with the corresponding information, results and management strategies with you everywhere you go - online, on your PC, MAC, or iPad. The download and use of ePatCare® is free of charge.
To find out more about ePatCare® visit the ePatCare® website. The ePatCare platform was kindly provided by Boehringer Ingelheim.

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